Drift Away, Group Exhibition, Drift, Breda, Aug 20,2022 The Netherlands.  

BOA Popt Op,group Show,Princenhaags Museum,Breda,June 4 2022, The Netherlands.  

De Amer Op,Group Show, Gemeentehuis, Made, Nov 16 2021 The Netherlands. 

Manhattan Graphics Group Show, New York, Jan 2015 USA.  

Paperview 2014 Group Exhibition,HighlineLOftSpace,New York Nov 2014 USA. 

TheRedAndTheBlack Group Exhibition, ProjectSpace, New York, Nov 2014 USA. 

Kleine Kunst Group Exhibition,SBK Helmond, March 2013 The Netherlands.  

HolidayShow 2012 Group Show, Manhattan Graphics, New York, Dec 2012 USA.   

Oplage Beperkt Group Show, SBK Amsterdam KNSM, May 2012 The Netherlands.

Sjan Brok Solo Show, Galerie Zone, Leiden, July 2011 The Netherlands.  

Sjan Brok Solo Show, Galerie Els de Boer, Breda, Sept 2009 The Netherlands. 

Prints/NewYork-Eindhoven Group Show, Eindhoven,Sept 2009 The Netherlands .

De Plattegrond,Group Exhibition,Halte Vlaszak, Breda June 2009 The Netherlands.

De Wachtkamer,Group Exhibition, Electron, Breda, June 2009 The Netherlands.  

Dutch Artist Exh. Group Show, anhattan Graphics, New York,March 2009 USA. 

Manhattan Graphics Center Group Exhibition, New York, Dec 2008  USA.  

Spijker Expositie Group Exhibition, Breda, Nov 2008  The Netherlands.  

Studio Leistraat Group Exhibition, Breda, Jun 2008  The Netherlands.  

Solo Show Sjan Brok, V and W, Tilburg,  May 2008  The Netherlands.  

Manhattan Graphics Center,Group Exhibition, New York, Dec 2007  USA.  

Studio Leistraat  Group Exhibition, Breda, Jun 2007  The Netherlands.  

Studio Leistraat Solo Show, Breda . Jun 2007  The Netherlands.  

SBK Group Exhibition, Amsterdam-Zuid, Jul 2007  The Netherlands.  

SBK Solo Show, Amsterdam, June  2007  The Netherlands. 

SBK Group Exhibition, Amsterdam-Noord, May 2006 The Netherlands. 

SBK Group Exhibition, Amsterdam-Zuid, Jul 2006  The Netherlands.  

SBK Solo Show, Breda, April 2006  The Netherlands.  

Manhattan Graphics Center Group Exhibition, New York, Dec 1996  USA.    

Manhattan Graphics Center Group Exhibition, New York, Dec 1990 USA.    

NewYork Express, Group Exhibition,  in Valladolid, León, Orense, Jan 1988 Spain. 

NewYork Express Group Exhibition, Casa deCultura, Aviles,  Dec 1987  Spain. 

NewYork Express Group Exhibition, Galeria Nicanor Pinole, Gijón, Nov 1987 Spain. 

New York Express  Group Exhibition, Oviedo, Gal de Artes, Oct 1987 Spain. 

International Art Competition New York, Scarsdale NY, June 24 1986, USA.  

International Biennial Print Exhibit 1985, Tapei, 107 R.O.C. Taiwan.      

Studio Sophiastraat Group Show, Breda, Oct 1985 The Netherlands.    

‘Self Portrait’ Show, Pratt Graphics Center, New York,  Jun 1985  USA.     

‘Sanzeveria ’Group Exhibition, Gallery Geer Pouls, May 1985 The Netherlands. 

Art To Go Group Exhibition, Pratt Graphics Center, New York, Dec 1984 USA.    

Westenburg Group Exhibition, Breda, Sept 1984  The Netherlands.      

Bonnefanten Museum ,Group Exhibition, Maastricht, Aug 1984 The Netherlands.  

Studio Sophiastraat Solo Show, Breda, Aug 1984 The Netherlands.   

Galerie Merlo-Forni Solo Show, Amsterdam,  May 1983 The Netherlands.    

Galerie Merlo-Forni Group Exhibition, Amsterdam, Febr 1982  The Netherlands. 

Galerie De Leeuw, Group Exhibition,  Antwerp,  Febr 1980 Belgium.

Museum De Beyerd Group Exhibition, Breda . May 1980 The Netherlands.  

Gallery De Els Solo Show, , Breda  Oct 1979 The Netherlands.

Galerie Lieshout Group Exhibition, Amsterdam, Sept 1979 The Netherlands

Galerie Leenaerts Group Exhibition, Dongen,  May 1979 The Netherlands.  

Galerie De Pluis Solo Show, Nijmegen, June 1978 The Netherlands.  

Vrije Galerie Group Exhibition, Utrecht, Febr 1978 The Netherlands.  

Galerie Prinsenkamer Solo Show, Amsterdam, Dec 1977 The Netherlands.   

Galerie ‘De Pluis’ Group Exhibition, Nijmegen, Oct 1977 The Netherlands.